Baptist Medical Missions International

What is BMMI?

Baptist Medical Missions International (BMMI) is the humanitarian/benevolent arm of BMA Missions. The primary purpose of this ministry is to provide humanitarian aid or assistance for many nations of the world where care is needed because of economic, geographic or disaster reasons. BMMI formally began in 1996. Since the first trip to Honduras, teams of physicians, nurses and other medical professionals have made trips to dozens of different countries providing care. BMMI teams consist of volunteer professionals who work in a variety of conditions and provide medicine and consultation for various illnesses and diseases at no cost to the patient.

In addition, BMMI also maintains and operates several permanent medical and dental clinics in the countries of Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, the Philippines, and Russia. These clinics provide medical and dental consultations to remote villages where theses services are not available or affordable.

2017-18 BMMI Schedule


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Dr. Ralph Izard

Ralph and Judy

Address: P.O. Box 878
Conway, AR 72033

Phone: 501-455-4977



• For BMMI teams as they work on new mission fields this year.

• For open doors to present Jesus Christ to patients in our BMMI medical clinics.

• That many will accept Jesus Christ as a result of providing needed medical care on the field and the ministry of the missionary will be strengthened.

• That God will call more medically-trained people to volunteer for BMMI trips.

• For continued support of BMMI teams and Making Everlasting Smiles, our Christmas Shoebox project.


• For opening opportunities for BMMI to serve.

• For the involvement of churches to help fund and provide personnel for the medical trips.

• That many accepted Jesus Christ during medical clinics on the mission field.

• For His protection of BMMI teams this year.

• For the hundreds of churches and thousands of their church members who prepared the gifts to make Everlasting Smiles a success again.

Dr. John Ladd

John and Shirley

Address: 5723 Berkeley Drive
Tyler, TX 75707

Phone: 903-534-5542



• For protection for the Good Samaritan Clinic staff in Mexico.

• For the evangelism outreach of the clinic.

• For a part time physician at the clinic.

• For financial and prayer support for the clinic ministry.

• For protection for BMMI team members as they travel to many parts of the world.

• For additional volunteers for BMMI teams.

• For financial and prayer support for the ministry of BMMI.


• For good health enabling us to take part in the medical mission ministry.

• For the opportunity to work with such wonderful people in the Mexico clinic as well as BMMI.

• For individuals and churches who support medical missions with prayers and finances.

• For the many learning experiences while working and getting to know people of different cultures.

• For knowing a God that is faithful and absolute truth.