Christmas Shoeboxes

Help Give Children A Reason To Smile!

God revealed to us the importance of showing our love to others when He sent His Son for us. This Christmas you can serve Him by giving children around the world a smile through the gift of a shoebox. Not only will they receive this gift, but they will also have an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. This year we will be sending the shoeboxes to Guatemala and Honduras.

As in previous years, BMA churches participated in 2016 helping us collect about 10,000 shoeboxes. They were shipped in two containers to children in Jordan and El Salvador. We look forward to shipping this year’s shoeboxes to children in Guatemala and Honduras. Below you'll find instructions on packing your shoeboxes. Thank you for helping give children a reason to smile!


Instructions for giving a Christmas Shoebox gift this year

1. PRAY - Ask God to allow his love to be shown through your Chirstmas Shoebox gift and to give a child a reason to smile.

2. SHOEBOX - Use a cardboard shoebox that is approximately 12”x7”x4” in size. This way all children get equal amount of gifts and using this size makes it easier to pack all the shoeboxes in the shipping containers to ship. Wrap the lid and box separately. (Please, no Santa Claus wrappping paper)

3. FILL WITH GIFTS - Decide whether your gift will be for a boy or a girl and fill your shoebox with toys and quality gifts. (See “Ideal Gift Suggestions”) Then label the top of your box with “BOY” or “GIRL” then place a large rubber band around each box.

4. INCLUDE $5 DONATION - For each shoebox, please donate $5 which is necessary to ship your shoebox and deliver it to a child.
If you or your church is sending multiple shoeboxes, please send one check to cover the shipping of all of the gifts.

5. DELIVER YOUR SHOEBOX - Take your shoebox to your church or nearest drop-off station. When leaving shoeboxes at a drop-off station, please mail the check for shipping to BMMI, Attn: Christmas Shoeboxes, P.O. Box 878, Conway, AR 72033, and please let us know what drop-off station you used.

Or you can deliver or ship your box(es) to our office by September 1, 2017: BMMI, Attn: Christmas Shoeboxes, 611 Locust Street, Conway, AR 72034

Ideal Gift Suggestions

TOYS! - Dolls, Stuffed Animals, Cars, Balls, Musical Instruments, Puzzles, Jump Ropes, Blocks, Finger Puppets, Play Jewelry, Hair Bows
SCHOOL SUPPLIES - Coloring Books, Crayons, Notepads, 3 Pencils, Notebooks, Stickers
HEALTH ITEMS - Washcloths, Bar soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Combs, Brushes, Sunglasses
SPANISH LANGUAGE BIBLES - For delivery to Honduras & Guatemala

DO NOT INCLUDE - Used or damaged items; Any war-related items like toy guns (including water guns), knives, or toy soldiers; Breakable items (including nail polish and mirrors); Balloons; Decks of cards; Play-doh; Candy; Liquids or lotions; Sewing kits; Markers; Glue of any kind; Deodorant


Shoeboxes can be delivered or shipped to:

611 Locust Street
Conway, AR 72034


Helpful Information: We order our shoeboxes from U-Line Shipping – They sell a medium size shoebox (Model #S-10585) that works perfectly. For bulk wrapping paper go to

For more information call – 501.455.4977 or email