Creative Access Area


• That we will make great strides in the language and culture of our people group.

• For opportunities to build deep and lasting relationships with neighbors.

• That in due time God will cross our paths and connect us with "People of Peace."

• That the hearts of neighbors will be prepared to hear stories of Nabi Isa.

• For grace, perseverance and protection over our family.


• For a fruitful and recharging furlough this past summer.

• For navigating us through so many transitions this past year.

• For renewing our vision and passion to share His story and shine His glory among neighbors.

• For physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Brandon Lingle

Brandon, Brittney, Josie and Judson

Address: 978/69 Mantana Rangsit 2,
Rangsit-Nakhonnayok Rd.,
Prachatipat, Thanyaburi,
Pathumthani, Thailand 12130

Phone: +6692-409-7073




• For our efforts in planting North Bangkok Church. We hope to launch services in 2017.

• For salvation of the kids, families, and students we are working with.

• For Thailand. October 13, 2016 Thailand lost their beloved king who reigned for 70 years. There is a profound heartache across the nation.

• For comfort and direction for Thailand.


• For the Bible study we have on Sunday mornings.

• For the opportunity I have to teach at two universities near our home. It is our joy to see God working in the hearts of our students.

• For the neighbors who come in and out of our home daily. We love them and are always happy when we get to share our lives and faith with them.

• For our supporters and their passion to see the name of Jesus made known to the nations. We couldn't do this work without you!

Siripong Yaebeang

Siripong(Jo), Jessie and Santipap(Titus)

Address: 798/188 Mantana 2, Rangsit-Nakhonnayok Road,
Thanyaburi, Prachathipat, Pathumthani 12130

Phone: +66987524831



• That God will bless the church that we are planting in North Bangkok.

• For our spiritual growth, marriage, and parenting.

• That God will bless all the preaching and teaching opportunities that I will have.

• For all of our outreach programs that we will be doing.

• For Thailand as everyone is heartbroken with the death the king.


• For the weekly outreach night we have on Saturday night.

• For opportunities to work with two universities in our community.

• For the people that God has brought into our lives this past year, both Christians and Buddhists.

• For churches and individuals that support us both through financial support and prayer.

• For the opportunity to visit family, friends, and churches during our furlough.