Matthew Prather

Matthew, Amy, Ethan, and Jonas

Address: 1314 Greenrock Ct
Midlothian, Texas 76065

Phone: 469-296-8557

Email: matthew@discoverthebridge.com

Website: www.discoverthebridge.com


• That lives would continue to be transformed.

• For 100 people to come to know Him as Savior in the next two years.

• That we will impact the community around us.

• For our leadership team as we lay a foundation for a new church.

• That we find a location to meet in.


• That we have settled in a new town and are beginning to see God move.

• That we're seeing a core team develop around us.

• That people's lives are being changed as they learn to love and follow God.

David Smart


Address: 100 Alamo St
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Phone: 469-296-8557

Email: david@discoverthebridge.com

Website: www.discoverthebridge.com


• For the continued building of our launch team.

• For the goal of launching early 2017.

• For the big goal of 100 salvations over the next 2 years.

• For a children's ministry director.


• That community growth is happening. Those we are meeting see the need for new churches in the area due to the amount of population growth.

• That we have had great informational meetings leading into launch team development.

• That we baptized our first at a Sneak Peak Gathering.