Ali Chambers

Ali, Anetta, Nathanael, Samuel, and Benjamin

Address: 3228 Highland Park Place
Memphis, Tennessee 38111

Phone: 901-496-8565

Email: ali@mosaicmemphis.com

Website: www.mosaicmemphis.com


• For the installation of our first group of Elders.

• For growth in maturity in our members.

• For greater doctrinal unity.

• For our leaders to be examples in their daily life and love for God.

• For greater sense of passion, urgency and devotion to reaching the unreached.

• That we’d be Financial self sustaining by the end of 2018.


• He continues to provide for us financially.

• For the greatest sense of unity and vision we’ve experienced since we began.

• For 4 strong City Groups launched and going very well.

• For very mature and gifted leadership team and lay leaders. Lots of new leadership potential.