Establishing Mission Points in Mexico

From dreams to reality, the Rose family has followed their passion and calling from God to become missionary church planters in the city of Queretaro, Mexico.

Since feeling the call from God to become missionaries, the Rose family has moved five times and even lived in three different countries. The opportunity to plant churches internationally first came after Tommy felt strongly that God was calling him to that specific ministry. He shared this information with a long-time friend from Southeast Texas, and it turned out that this friend’s church, Davis Street Baptist, had been praying to send out church planters to spread the gospel and disciple new believers. So the Roses and Davis Street Baptist began a partnership of ministry to Hispanic people.

“Davis Street is the first church we visit when we drive up to the States,” said Tommy Rose. “It was a blessing to live and minister with all our friends, and it is an honor to know that we are planting churches as an extension of Davis Street.”

In August of 2016, the family settled into their new home in Queretaro and began establishing relationships with their neighbors, helping their three (at the time) children to adjust to the new city, and beginning discipleship programs.

“We want to be a church that serves our city,” says Sara Rose, wife to Tommy and mother to Micah, Silas, Eisley, and newest edition, Kaison Maddox.

Kaison Maddox, the newest Rose family member!

According to Tommy Rose, God has been moving in many ways since their move. For example, they met a young man during their two-year ministry in Pachuca, Mexico, whom they discipled and has now moved with their family to begin planting the church in Queretaro.

In addition, God has shown the Rose family a great number of young people who are anxious to be discipled and begin learning how to share their faith. Because of this great opportunity, the Roses have begun taking these men and women through Evangelism Explosion, a popular evangelistic training curriculum. In addition, they have begun new home Bible studies, and have begun traveling to different towns for Kid’s Outreach, establishing new mission points!

For their Kid’s Outreach program, the Roses have begun traveling monthly to the neighborhood of Santa Rosa, which is about 45 minutes from their home north of the city, in order to share the gospel with families in that area.

“It has been very good response and it’s allowed the parents come and stay,” said Sara. “Also, they [the parents] hear the gospel. We have had parents saved!”

Kid’s Outreach in Santa Rosa


Kid’s Outreach in Santa Rosa 


Kid’s Outreach in Santa Rosa


In June of this year, the Roses also began a mission point in a neighborhood called Paseos de Marques, which is another ministry located about 45 minutes from their home, but south of the city.

“In June, Mexico VSM team helped us with our first Kid’s Outreach in our new mission point in the neighborhood in Paseos de Marques,” said Sara.

Kid’s Outreach in Paseos de Marques


Kid’s Outreach in Paseos de Marques

The Rose family praises God for becoming increasingly settled in their new home, that their older children are enjoying school and activities, and for their new little addition to the family! Additionally, they request prayer for more discipleship and evangelism opportunities in Queretaro, and for their church: El Arco. 

“We’re really excited to be here,” says Tommy Rose. “We want to thank you guys for your prayers, for your support, we couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for partnering with us as we plant a church here in Queretaro, Mexico.”

We are so thankful for missionaries like the Roses, who are being ChangeMakers in Mexico! Will you join us in praying for them and supporting them?