Prakash Family Legacy

By Holly Meriweather, told by BMA Missionary to India, Golda Prakash 

The Prakash family has been serving the BMA in India for over 40 years. Prashant and I are serving as second generation missionaries in the southern state of Karnataka in the city of Gulbarga. I was born into a Christian family, saved at seven and grew up being actively involved in ministry with my parents. I have a master’s degree in religious education from Tabernacle Baptist Theological Seminary in Virginia.

Gulbarga is a small city with about five hundred thousand people, most of whom are Muslim or Hindu. It is a city that is economically backward where agriculture is the main source of income. Prashant is the administrator of two schools there: Shakainah Baptist Academy (where I teach) with 650 children and Jeevan Prakash High School, named after his late father, with 1200 students. Education is free at the high school, and both schools provide Christian education, which gives an opportunity to minister to these children and their families.

Shakainah Baptist Church and her ministries have been in fellowship with the BMA for a long time and have grown tremendously through God’s grace. Under this local, church-based ministry we have planted over 100 churches in and around Gulbarga. The mother church, Shakainah Biblical Baptist Church, is located in the city and has around 100-125 church members. We are humbled and blessed that the Lord has chosen our family to continue the work established  in the early 1970s.

Jeevan Prakash Radio Ministry is in partnership with Lifeword. Many people in the interior villages have come to know the Lord through hearing the broadcast.  We also have Shakainah Bible School which helps to train men and women for ministry. In addition, Ladies Fellowship allows women deprived of any social life to interact with each other. Bible teaching, encouragement, and counseling are included, and more than 21 groups have begun all over the city. Finally, Hope Children’s Home is a safe haven for girls who are destitute, abandoned, come from abusive homes and even rescued from being trafficked. We have 45 beautiful girls from different parts of the country. 

           God is surely good. Through him and in him, we have been able to establish this ministry. Prashant and I are blessed with two beautiful children, Joanna and Jason, and we pray they will be third generation ministry workers. We are very humbled and blessed to know that God has chosen and used us to carry on these amazing and wonderful ministries.