Matt Barker

Matt, Allison, Calix and Chael

Address: 1344 W. Berkshire Ave.
Nixa, MO 65714

Phone: 501-408-9500

Email: matt@refugenixa.com

Website: www.refugenixa.com


• For souls to be saved in Nixa, MO!

• For revival in Nixa, MO.

• For spiritual and numerical growth for Refuge Church.

• For broken families and individuals to be made whole.

• For Financial Partners - my family is still not fully funded.


• That many souls were saved through our work in 2016.

• That we are outgrowing our current location!

• That the children's ministry is thriving.

• That God has strengthened our involvement and trust in the community.

• That God is blessing our work in Nixa!

John Herring

John, Alisha, Macey and Dalton

Address: 1107 Verna Lane
Nixa, Missouri 65714

Phone: 501-413-1208

Email: jherring17@gmail.com

Website: www.refugenixa.com


• That we would be bold in sharing the gospel and see many accept Christ as their Savior.

• That God would continue to open up new doors of opportunity.

• That we would raise up leaders to meet developing leadership needs.

• That God would raise up resources from within the church to become self-supported.

• That we would see continued growth, both Spiritually and Physically.


• That we have seen many experience spiritual growth, changed lives, and restored hope in God.

• That we are beginning to outgrow our current ministry location.

• For the many partners who support this work through prayers and giving.

• That God continually provides for our needs as He broadens our reach month by month.