Justin Burdick

Justin, Hollie and Elijah

Address: 6174 Choctaw Trl.
Olive Branch, MiSsissippi 38654

Phone:: 601-466-4175

Email: jburd032689@gmail.com

Website: www.centraldesoto.com


• For ministry in our new building.

• That we will be able to reach more in our community.

• For transitions of our staff and the church as a whole.


• For our new building.

• For the Sookrajes going to the mission field.

• For the transitions in staff to continue to be effective in our ministry.

Anders Lee

Anders, Carla, Zac, Reagan, Siera and Simon

Address: 250 Plum Point Ave.
Southaven, MS 38671

Phone: 901-343-3293

Email: anders.lee571@gmail.com

Website: centraldesoto.com


• For continued discipleship & spiritual growth of our members.

• For financial growth.

• For God to add 15 families in the year.

• For us to be able to add a youth pastor to our staff.

• For wisdom in planning to go to two services.


• That we saw many new families join.

• That we were blessed to get into a permanent building.

• That we have over 200 active people now.

• That we were blessed to send the Sookraj family as a Missionary to Peru.

• That our small groups grew from two groups to six.