Making Change in the Dominican

This is an update from the mission field in the Dominican Republic, where Jesse and Rebecca Hales and their family are serving as BMA missionaries. To keep up with their ministry, and to sign up to receive their email newsletter, visit their website! 

This month has been dominated by two big events: the first was Central Baptist from Conway, Arkansas working with us to build a home for a church member here. Euseibia is a single mom who was saved about a year ago. She has four sons who are fourteen, eleven, eight and five years old, plus a cute two-year-old girl.  The family’s only form of income is what the boys can make shining shoes in the city.

Jackie, age 8, shining shoes to provide and income for his family.

Their living conditions before were indescribable, and honestly incomprehensible, for most of us. God moved through the working of his churches, and now they have a much safer and functional home to live in. The before and after difference is beyond belief. Most importantly, a whole community including 5 special kids witnessed God at work.

Euseibia and her family, who received a new home!

The other big event(s) this month are the VBS programs that Rebecca is helping the local teachers put on for their churches. So far, we’ve had two of them with a total of 271 kids plus parents. Please pray for the three more VBS programs we still have scheduled in July.

VBS in the Dominican Republic!

Here are the Hales family’s praises and prayers:

•    Euseibia’s family has a roof over their heads now.
•    God answered prayer in a big way with some very tough and important meetings that happened this month.
•    God provided exactly what we needed when we needed it to be able to get our transmission fixed in the van.
•    God would help us train and equip those that he has called into leadership.
•    That God would help the churches become more and more financially independent.
•    For the three remaining VBS programs.
•    That the van gets fixed well this time and quickly.