Charles Costa

Charles and Mona

Address: Ras Beirut Center
Sourati Street - Hamra
Beirut 1103-2060

Phone: +961 71939371

Email: chuckcosta58@gmail.com


• For dealing with increasing financial challenges for the ministry.

• For perseverance for the new believers, especially those from Muslim backgrounds.

• For opportunities to share the gospel.

• For us to reach our goal of 100 new small groups.


• For 45 baptisms in Lebanon in 2016.

• For great opportunities to share the gospel on Catholic media.

• For greater involvement of BMAA folks in the work on the ground in the Middle East.

Joe Costa

Joe and Mira

Address: Ras Beirut Centre
Sourati Street - Hamra
Beirut 5696/113

Phone: +9613200535

Email: joe.costa88@gmail.com


• That God may give Mira and I patience & calmness as we are settling back in.

• For Protection, that God may guide our path and our decisions.

• For Open doors, that God may open doors for us to serve Him effectively and according to His Plan.

• For the youth of the Middle East, that they may know the Truth and surrender to Christ and His Love.

• For wisdom, that God may gives us wisdom when dealing with young people, to always love and accept them.


• For safe travels: We praise God that we landed safely in Beirut on September 21.

• For prayer warriors, who are praying daily for Mira and I as we start our ministry and walk according to God's will.

• For our Local Church in Beirut, who has helped us settle in very quickly.

• For young people in the Middle East, for their energy, passion and initiative. We pray daily that they can channel all that, to honor Christ.

Rana Costa El-Hage

Elie, Rana, Anthony and Martin

Address: Ras Beirut Center
Sourati Street - Hamra
Beirut 5542/113

Phone: +9513763167

Email: rana.costa@gmail.com


• For a clearer vision for future ministry plans


• For random unexpected support, even from strangers who the Lord uses to encourage and uplift us

• For a family, church and friends who stand by the ministry