Sam Jordan

Sam, Sue, Noor, Raneem, Sophia and Angelina

Address: P.O. Box 5297
Zarka 13111

Phone: 504-303-8384



• For the situation in the Middle East that God will heal this land and send his peace.

• That God will enable us to continue reaching out and helping the refugees.

• That God will raise new leaders and more laborers for the harvest.

• That God will provide for the community center project.

• That God will send someone who can help us in the administration area.


• For being able to experience God’s goodness, his presence, his grace and his blessings the whole time.

• For our lovely family.

• For keeping Jordan safe in the midst of chaotic situations all over the Middle East.

• For great opportunities to share the good news in practical ways with more than 25 thousand people during 2016 through our clinic and the new women’s center.  

• For the people who support us and who support the new community center project, which enabled us to start soon.