Creative Access Missionaries


• For our families.

• That God would raise up more trained workers to witness to the lost.

• That God would protect missionaries and new believers from those wanting to harm them.

• That God will provide the financial support to missionary families to stay on the field.


• For all His wonderful blessings.

• For giving us His Grace and raising His servants to preach the Gospel to the people of India.

• For our new batch of trained workers.

• For providing the needs of the ministry.

Jeremiah Shetti

Jeremiah, Abigail, Ezra & Ethan

Address: Flat no. D-5, Camellia Housing Soc. Jambulkar Chowk,
Wanworie, Pune, Maharastra 411040, India



• For BMMI teams as they work on new mission fields this year.

• For open doors to present Jesus Christ to patients in our BMMI medical clinics.

• That many will accept Jesus Christ as a result of providing needed medical care on the field and the ministry of the missionary will be strengthened.

• For the livelihood project that we are planning on developing for our local pastors and workers.

• That God will call more medically-trained people to volunteer for BMMI trips.

• For continued support of BMMI teams and also for Making Everlasting Smiles, our Christmas Shoebox project.


• For opening opportunities for BMMI to serve in.

• For the involvement of churches to help fund and provide personnel for the medical trips.

• That many accepted Jesus Christ during medical clinics on the mission field.

• For His protection of BMMI teams this year.

• For the hundreds of churches and thousands of their church members who prepared the gifts to make Everlasting Smiles a success again.