Dr. John David Smith
Executive Director

John David, Kim, Josiah, and Seth

Address: 2989 York Lane
Conway, Arkansas 72034

Phone: 601-670-1263



• That BMA Missions will be driven by God’s glory and the expansion of His Kingdom.

• That God will protect and bless BMA missionaries serving in the United States and eighty-one other countries.

• That our churches can be healthy, missional, and multiplying.

• That BMA America churches will spend a healthy amount of their budgets on reaching people outside the church instead of spending it on people who are already inside the church.


• For new missionaries arriving in their fields of service.

• For more churches that are planting churches in the United States.

• For the chance to work with many faithful servants in BMA missions.

• For the possibilities that await BMA missions.

Phil Knot
International Missions

Phil and Lajuana

Address: 306 Dogwood Place Dr.
Bryant, AR 72022

Phone: 501-765-0933



• For partnerships with missionaries and sending churches.

• For the safety and health of our missionaries and their families.

• For the missionaries at risk in areas of conflict and civil unrest.

• For the missionaries moving to their fields of service.

• For those who serve in Creative Access Nations.


• For new missionaries going to the field in 2016.

• For our guiding vision for multiplying disciples, leaders and churches.

• For churches that are partnering with international missionaries.

• For foreign national pastors and missionaries whose churches are planting churches.

Larry Barker
North American Missions

Larry and Shelby

Address: P.O. Box 878
Conway, Arkansas 72033

Phone: 501-766-2606



• For our present church planters to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches.

• For God to raise up more couples to accept the call to church planting.

• For churches to parent more church plants by training and equipping their members to go.

• For God to provide the financial needs for many more church planters to plant.


• That three church plants came off support in 2016 and are now self-sustaining ministries.

• For the new Hispanic church plant in Vidalia, LA in partnership with the BMA of LA.

• For the new opportunity in Orlando, FL for an Arabic speaking church plant in partnership with the BMA of FL.

• For the three men serving in internships right now who will plant new churches in 2017.