John Page

John, Louela and Gracia

Address: PO Box 8906
Banlung, Ratanakiri 16000

Phone: +855-97-280-8806



• That God will lead us to new students from unreached villages who we can disciple to reach their village for Christ.

• For more opportunities to reach Talav tribe for Christ. This Laos- speaking village has been on our hearts.

• For the new believers to let Christ shine through them and shed the old rituals of demon worship.

• For our leaders in Banlung and Andoung Meas that they may grow and continue focusing on making disciples. 

• For God’s provision of an all-terrain vehicle, health and protection. 


• For adding Gracia Fae to our family.

• For our team of disciples who are living with us at the In Village

• For our church in Banlung under the leadership of Yosef Soum that is growing and making disciples and training leaders.

• That the Kachok tribe has opened up their hearts and received us with open arms into their village.

• For the churches, families and individuals that are partnering with us in the gospel.