Michael Smith

Michael, Jennifer, Jacob, Marcus and Lucas

Address: 1905 Midland Knoll Ct
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Phone: 479-426-5090




• For 22 baptisms in 2017, that would double last year's total.

• That our church grows to be a closer family.

• For the launching of the Restore Project which is a plan to help the homeless in our area to find transitional housing.

• As we are launching a support group for families impacted by mental illness.

• As we expand our children's ministry and our worship team.


• That we baptized 11 people in our first year!

• That we have started 6 small groups and people are finding freedom to live as followers of Christ!

• That we celebrated our first year as Journey Church!

• That we survived our first year!

• That we are seeing broken people come to Christ and have their lives transformed by the gospel!

Cody Woodward


Address: 413 E Jefferson Street
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Phone: 479-586-1225




• That we will continue to follow the Spirits leading.

• That we will continue to have a broken heart for the brokenhearted.

• That the Father meets the physical, financial and spiritual needs of the church.

• That the Father provides a building.


• For the 11 baptized in 2016.

• For His faithfulness in providing for every need!