Michael Smith

Michael, Jennifer, Jacob, Marcus and Lucas

Address: 1905 Midland Knoll Ct
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Phone: 479-426-5090




• For growing a healthy church

• To see our church continue to make disciples

• To break the 125 attendance barrier

• For a new place for our church to meet

• For God's provision for wisdom, knowledge and finances


• That God is faithful

• That we are growing as a family

• That we are a healthy church

• That my son has become my brother in Christ

• That lives have been changed through the gospel

Cody Woodward


Address: 413 E Jefferson Street
Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Phone: 479-586-1225




• That we will continue to build the church on Christ alone

• That we will reach those far from Christ in the community

• That we will continue to grow the staff with wise leadership

• That we will find a more permanent place to gather

• That we will create a community of believers who desire to be generous with time, treasure and talents


• That the Father is leading the community well

• That the community of believers continues to stay focused on Christ and the community

• That more and more of the community of believers are now serving

• That the Father provides for every need

• That the community of believers is growing in numbers