A ChangeMaker in Myanmar

By Holly Meriweather

Rama Bochung, his wife Lahlmu and their three children live and minister in rural Myanmar (Burma), which has recently become a democracy but is still largely military controlled. Ninety percent of the people are Buddhists, and it is these two factors, combined with a poverty rate of 70%, that make it a difficult area in which to spread the gospel.

Rama is Lifeword’s Burmese broadcast speaker, and he makes CD recordings of his sermons then he and his trained leaders hand them out to people in impoverished areas, following up with each household to tell them more about what they heard.  House by house, on foot and by motorcycle, they make the difficult daily trips to people without access to clean water, electricity, education, paved roads and health services to offer hope that can only come from Jesus.

Although it is illegal to build any kind of religious building in certain areas, Buddhist ones are often ignored by the authorities but not by Rama. He recalls an incident where he confronted the builders of a Buddhists temple and threatened to turn them in to the authorities. It was a risky move, but he said he felt God’s power and not long after that day construction ceased.

Despite the difficulties of being in a country hostile to Christianity, Rama continues his ministry because of the love he has for his people. He is a ChangeMaker, determined to make disciples and plant churches in Myanmar.