Grady Johnson

Grady, Denise, Alan and Amanda

Phone: 936-483-3695



• That tragedy may bring people to Christ

• For continued protection and provision

• For El Alba, Pachuca

• For the Martha Johnson School

• For BMA Mexico

• For Wilmer Carpio in Venezuela

• For Miguel Juarez Zapopan Jalisco


• That we had only minor earthquake damage at El Alba Church, Pachuca

• For increased enrollment in Martha Johnson school and building program

• For growth in national missions

• For continued protection and provision

Tommy Rose

Tommy, Sara, Micah, Silas, Eisley and Kaison

Address: Paseo de Paris No. 243
Col. Tejeda corregidora
Santiago de Queretaro 76904

Phone: 903-740-5395




• For El Arco Baptist Church, Querétaro Mexico.

• For the salvation of the people in Querétaro Mexico.

• For our home Bible studies and missions in Qro.

• For the discipleship and multiplication of leaders.

• For the churches and their missions in the country of Mexico.


• For the churches of BMA America for their support and prayers.

• For our sending Church, Davis Street Baptist Church.

• For the year we completed ministering in Querétaro.

• For friends we have made and the people we have seen saved.

• For the privilege to serve and plant churches in Mexico.