Brad Gathright

Brad and Penny

Address: Apartado Postal #610
San Pedro Sula, Cortez

Phone: 903-258-6117

Email: bradleygath@yahoo.com


• For favor as our groups are beginning to reach out to the lost and hurting in their communities.

• For wisdom as we meet with interested pastors and churches.

• For continued health.

• For the leaders of the work here in Honduras.


• For the successful transition to national leaders of the annual women's conference.

• That we are continuing to see lives changed in a profound way.

• That we are seeing growth in training leaders and have many options for expansion.

• That we enjoyed our first furlough and were so blessed by the love and encouragement of the churches in the U.S.

Denis Lopez

Denis, Ada, Raquel, Heidy, and Hellen

Address: Colonia Ciudad Nueva 27 Calle B Bloque 8SE #313
Apartado Postal 610, Cortes San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Phone: 504-99458823 | 504-25594008

Email: deniseduardolopez@gmail.com


• For missions projects in new towns.

• For growth of leadership in Honduran churches and a mission field vision.

• For continued unity of vision among missions and churches.

• For many new believers in Belize City and Belmopan, the Belize captial.


• For new missionaries and mission fields in Honduras.

• For the continued growth of missionary vision in Honduras and Belize.

• For the organization of our National Fellowship in Honduras.

• For the growth of our church in Belize.